• All our trainers are registered health professionals with extensive experience.
  • The courses are fully evaluated and there is follow up support service for participants.
  • All training events are certificated and can contribute towards individuals CPD record.
  • Our training is not only professional and effective in enabling participants to gain knowledge and skills but we also believe that to learn effectively you need to enjoy the training so we also make it fun and very interactive.

Examples of training courses available

Food and Health Course for Carers of Adults with Learning Disabilities

This is a 2 day course accredited by the Royal Institute of Environmental Health Scotland. It covers all aspects of nutrition and health in a fun interactive format. Participants are able to use the practical information and skills to support clients with Learning Disabilities.

In Sutton and Merton 87% of participants (83 /95) felt more confident to give advice about healthy eating to the people with Learning Disabilities as a result of the course….

“Since attending the course I have used the knowledge gained to advise my clients on the best and cheapest way they can keep themselves healthy. I have been able to establish the link between what they eat and who they are. The course has changed the way we eat at home too:).” – Support Worker, Sutton


“Overall I found the whole course very interesting and completely useful. I have learned so much about foods and healthy eating.” – Care Home Assistant, Merton


“The presentation by the tutor and the group work. Most useful was the easily digestible (no pun intended!) way the facts were conveyed” – Residential Care Worker, Merton

 Level 2 Nutrition for Health Award Royal Society of Public Health

This one day accredited course is aimed at caterers and carers . It provides participants with a good basic knowledge of nutrition principles, the need for a balanced diet and its positive effects on health, the needs of different groups of people in relation to their diets, food labelling legislation and the impact of food manufacturing on the nutritional content of food.

Weight Management Programme training

This 2 half days or 1 full day course for primary care and leisure service staff enables participants to set up their own in house weight management service. The course included sessions on diet, physical activity, behaviour change techniques, group work skills and how to set up and run weight management services for patients/clients. This course is also provided for midwives to enable participants to set up weight management service for pregnant and post pregnancy clients.

Nutrition and Weight Management in Pregnancy

Half day course on Maternal and Child Nutrition, risks of obesity in pregnancy and practical weight management during pregnancy for midwives and obstetricians.

Nutrition and Healthy Living

This half day course aimed at staff from care homes provides participants with the knowledge and skills to ensure their residents are provided with a nutritious diet which meets the requirements of the CQC.